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After Mosul: state-building means democratic state-building


A dispute between Iraq and Turkey has emerged as a dramatic geopolitical sideshow to the complicated military campaign to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, from the Islamic State, with Turkey’s… Read more »

Reformists, hardliners vie to influence choice of Iran’s next supreme leader


There is a lot of manoeuvring in Tehran to influence the decision on who will be Iran’s next supreme leader. There is no public succession plan for the most powerful… Read more »

What chance for democracy in the Middle East?


There are many lessons to take from the Iraq debacle, notes Gerard Russell, who served as an assistant to Iraq’s first elected prime minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in 2005. The postwar… Read more »

Cold War 2.0? Confront authoritarianism by defending democratic values


Gen Sir Richard Shirreff remembers the moment he realized Nato was facing a new and more dangerous Russia. It was 19 March 2014, the day after Russia annexed Crimea from… Read more »

Venezuela’s odd transition to dictatorship


Venezuela’s Congress on Sunday declared that the government had staged a coup by blocking a drive to recall President Nicolas Maduro in a raucous legislative session that was interrupted when… Read more »

New voice of change helps Ukraine reinvent itself


Ukraine is at the center of Russia’s conflict with the West, playing a vital role in Vladimir Putin’s ambition to restore Russia’s great-power status, The Economist notes: The Kremlin has… Read more »

The future of Arab reform: beyond autocrats and Islamists


The argument for democratic reform in the Middle East seems harder to make today, despite the evidence for it being clearer, than it was when the Arab Spring sprung, argues… Read more »

Russia’s disinformation can’t pretend to offer attractive ideology


Russian interference in America’s presidential election merits measured retaliation. But the West can withstand such “active measures”, The Economist notes: Russia does not pretend to offer the world an attractive… Read more »